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Look What The Cat Dragged In: It’s Ed Zabitsky

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Ed Zabitsky, an “analyst” in May 2010: Apple will plummet to $126, down about 50 percent from its recent level of $254 Only slightly off, AAPL rose to $450, up almost 100%. *grin* Ed Zabitsky, an “analyst” in Jan 2012: AAPL will drop to $270 Wait, what? How can you still have a job

PUBLIC EYE PEOPLE’S AWARD 2012 – Vote for Samsung

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Sieht aus, als hätte Samsung einige unschöne Leichen im Keller

Samsung vs. baristas

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Remember the 7 people who queued for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus? I finished interviewing all of them. Guess what, none of them was a barista or even had a proper job. They all work out of their Mom’s basements and will “fix you Windows PC at low, low rates”. How sad