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Craig Mundie misrepresenting the truth

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When Craig Mundie publicly stated that Windows Phone has had “capabilities similar to Siri for more than a year” he was either deliberately misrepresenting the truth (i.e. lying) or showing a shocking lack of technical expertise. Watch this video for a comparison of Windows Phone’s “Tell Me” vs. Apple’s Siri: Tell Me vs.Siri

Gartner’s Q3 2011 smartphone figures: Samsung on top globally, Android tops 50 percent share

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Looking at the comments on this article one thing catches the eye: it must be very important for the Fandroids to be part of the herd

JR Raphael and the Flash disaster

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Dear JR Raphael, not admitting a mistake makes you look like an idiot. In my original story — written in August of 2010, shortly after Flash first started rolling out to Android phones — I noted how the presence of Flash on a mobile phone allowed me to view elements of the Web that had [&hellip